Thursday, January 27, 2011

Step Up and Shake It!

Last Tuesday with the help of the Roberts (Andrew's lovely family), the 7th grade held a Dance Central night using XBOX Kinect's latest body tracking video game. Ever played it? In the game you have to mirror what the other dancer on the screen is doing in order to score points. It's the type of game that lets you see just who's been practicing their moves in front of the mirror, and those who....well, haven't. From ages three to thirty-three (meaning the principal Miriam Hanson who had a dance-off with one of her 6th grade students...and won), it seemed that everyone enjoyed the night-out.
This event was actually a fundraiser contributing to the 7th graders' field trip to the Copan Ruins, which us high-schoolers had the privilege of doing two years back as well. Since the 7th grade happens to be studying the indigenous culture of the Mayans, it seems almost fair that they'd get to see it firsthand, right? For months, the class has been trying to come up with the cash needed to go on this glorious adventure, having held two Dance Central nights and one RockBand night so far.
Only just last year, SBAHS was part of the original Sandy Bay Alternative School. Now our new campus separates us from the younger kids. Social events like these though, bring us all together again. It was nice to be able to see all of the old crew, to bust a few moves with them, and to be able to catch up on the latest middle-school soap opera (exaggeration...or is it?).
It was a comfortable night with a lot more than just dance. Personally for us SBAHSers, we fed ourselves off of continuous games of pool and occasionally going "OOOOH!" every time someone flubbed up with their shots. That doesn't mean that we didn't dance. It's tradition to embarrass fellow classmates by secretly signing them up and making them shake it to Rihanna's "Pon de Replay".
At the end of the night, most of us kids joined in on an old custom: dancing all together to Crank Dat since it's the only dance routine we all now. We say "most" to exclude the people that stay in a corner during any dance occasion like a wedding or prom. Though all of us didn't bust a move, it was still a memorable night.

All in all, the 7th grade raised roughly $100, putting them one step closer to their marvelous field trip.

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