Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Not So "Christmas-y" Christmas Program

 What’s that? You’re wondering what a high school in the Caribbean does to celebrate Christmas or summer break? At SBAHS, we don’t say our sorrowful goodbyes or wish we were still in class goofing off together. Our semesters end with a bang. This first semester in particular, the elementary and high schools collaborated and put on a Christmas performance. Each grade contributed their own little piece, from songs to plays to dance medleys, which is what we SBAHSers did. Though our piece wasn’t what you’d call “Christmas-y”, we still had a ball practicing and showing off our dance moves, as unique as they may be. This video shows our final product with us dancing in front of the student body and parents. See the video below! That is…if you dare… (suspenseful music.)

YouTube link: Our Not So "Christmas-y" Christmas Dance

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